Crystal Oliver Marijuana Consultant

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

April 2nd 2019 at 10:00 am Cannabis Business Times Cannabis Conference "Global Cannabis and Your Role; With international cannabis a reality, Canada's legalization rollout, consolidation, buyouts and publicly traded companies: Are big businesses the future? How can small businesses survive? This expert panel will explore the outlook for the industry's small and big businesses—defining their role in our future." Las Vegas, NV.

April 13th 2019 at 2:45 pm National American Planning Association Conference "The Cannabis Industry; Experiences, Lessons Learned; The new cannabis industry has resulted in new regulation and actions required by local and state government. Planners must be informed about this new industry including land use impacts, regulatory controls, economic impacts, potential community benefits and political challenges." San Francisco, CA. 

Awards & Accolades:

​2018 John Keller Planning Initiative Merit Award by the American Planning Association Small Town & Rural(STaR) Planning Board for Protecting Opportunities for Rural Cannabis Farmers in Washington" project. 

2017 Washington NORML was recognized by DOPE Magazine as 'Best Cannabis Association'

2017 Recognized by Marijuana Venture as one of their '40 under 40'

2016 Recognized by CATALYST Magazine as one of their '20 under 40' rising stars.

2016 Nominated by DOPE Magazine as 'Activist of the Year'

2016 Washington NORML was recognized by DOPE Magazine as 'Best Cannabis Association'

2016 Washington's Finest Cannabis received 99% rating from Just Good Score.

2015 Washington's Finest Cannabis was recognized by DOPE Magazine as 'Best Outdoor'

Published Work:

Cannabis Business Times April 2018 "Spring into Production"

SunGrower & Greenhouse Magazine August 2017 'The White Whale' 

Cannabis Business Times August 2017 '5 More Tips for Increasing Yields'

Cannabis Business Times July 2017 '5 Tips for Increasing Yields'

Cannabis Business Times May 2017 'Will you be Caught Without Proper Insurance?'

Marijuana Venture October 2016 'My Strength: The Women of Cannabis'

Spokannabist July 2016 'Why Eastern Washington Has Great Potential for Local, Sun-Grown Cannabis'

Marijuana Venture August 2014 'The Importance of Local Politics'

Prior Speaking Engagements:

October 4th 2018 APA Washington Annual Conference "Local regulation of the cannabis industry through the eyes of a land use planner turned cannabis farmer" Spokane, WA. 

​August 18th 2018 Seattle Hempfest Hemposium "How’s business? The status of the cannabis industry from some industry leaders." Seattle, WA.

June 20th 2018 Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders Annual Forum "Centering Equity and Sustainability in the Legal Cannabis Industry" Spokane, WA.

March 12th  2018  Cannabis Cultivation Conference  "Outdoor Cultivation" Oakland, CA.

October 13th 2017; Good Morning Greater Spokane'Cannabis in the Business Community'; Spokane, WA.

August 2017; Seattle Hempfest  'Washington’s Cannabis Industry: Where We Are, Where We Need to Be' Seattle, WA.

March 2017; Cannabis Business Times Cultivation Conference 'Expanding Your Cultivation Operation' Oakland, CA.

February 2017; Cannacon 'Women in Cannabis' Tacoma, WA.

September 2016; Southside Senior Center 'Managing Chronic Pain with Cannabis' Spokane, WA.

August 2016; Seattle Hempfest 'Commercial Cultivation' & 'Challenges Facing Small Farms' Seattle, WA.

June 2016; Ethics & Policy Information Courses (EPIC) Conference before the Puget Sound Section of the American Planning Association 'The Intersection of Cannabis Farming & Land Use Regulations' Seattle, WA.

January 2016; Cannabis Alliance Cannabis Summit 'Policy & Politics' Seattle, WA.

November 2015; MJBA Producer & Processor Front Runner Seminar 'Marketing Your Cannabis' Spokane, WA.

June 2015; MJBA Spokane Job Fair 'Job Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry' Spokane, WA.

Other Projects:

Served on Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board Cannabis Advisory Council

Served on Spokane Clean Air Agency's Marijuana Advisory Committee.

Served on State Building Code Council Cannabis Technical Advisory Group.

Testified before the WSLCB, DOH, Spokane County Commissioners, Washington State Building Code Council, & WA State Legislators on behalf of cannabis farmers.

Authored a number of policy recommendation & position papers for the Cannabis Farmers Council which have been submitted to a variety of regulatory & legislative bodies.

Provided consulting to investors and marijuana business start ups in Washington.

Successfully organized Spokane County Farmers & Advocated for reasonable zoning code.

Successfully organized Cannabis Farmers Statewide to advocate for fair building code standards for marijuana growing as the Washington State Association of Builders was attempting to have it classified as a Group F-1 Moderate Hazard Factory Industrial use.

Amended the state fire code definition of ‘Marijuana Processing’ to read “Processing that uses chemicals or equipment as regulated by the International Fire Code; this does not include the harvesting, trimming, or packaging of the plant.”

Successfully lobbied Spokane County Commissioners & Building and Planning Department to overturn an emergency ban on new outdoor marijuana farms.

Served as an expert witness in an appeal between a licensed cannabis farmer and the Spokane Clean Air agency.

Successfully organized a group of farmers to call and e-mail WA State Senators to block legislation that would have significantly increased license fees for farmers.

Consulting Services;

  • License Application & Procurement,
  • ​Operational Plan Development,
  • Business Development,
  • Cultivation & Retail Facility Assessments & Recommendations,
  • Talent Recommendations & Assessments,
  • Local & community organizing,
  • Due Diligence Investigation of Existing Operations for Investors,

 Speaking Services;

  • Keynote speeches,
  • Forums,
  • Training,
  • Q & A Sessions,
  • Panel Discussions,
  • Interviews,

Other Services;

  • Expert Witness Testimony,
  • Fact Checking,

crystal oliver

For Adults Only; Must be 21 to Enter.

Crystal Oliver is the President and co-founder of Washington’s Finest Cannabis, an outdoor cannabis farm, licensed by the WSLCB since August of 2014. She also serves as Executive Director for the Washington SunGrowers Industry Association. She has been a tireless advocate for small business and family farm friendly regulations in Washington State and has extensive experience as a community organizer.  She has represented cannabis farmer’s interest as a member of several regulatory workgroups and presently represents the cannabis farmers on Spokane Conservation District's Voluntary Stewardship Workgroup.  She is regarded as a regulatory expert, as well as an expert in navigating the intersection of land use issues and cannabis farming and frequently serves as a resource and consultant for officials, regulators, policy-makers, and business owners.

She brings with her experience in corporate management, marijuana community organizing & advocacy along with having overseen the startup and operation of a legal marijuana farm.   

Washington'S Finest Cannabis

​​Crystal Oliver 

  • Co-Founder, President of Washington's Finest Cannabis,
  • Executive Director, Washington SunGrowers Industry Association

  • Member of Spokane Conservation District's Voluntary Stewardship Program Workgroup,
  • Member of Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board Cannabis Advisory Council,
  • Editorial Advisory Board Member for Cannabis Business Times,