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Kevin Oliver Marijuana
Crystal Oliver Kevin Oliver Washington's Finest Cannabis

Washington's Finest Cannabis was founded by pot power couple Crystal and Kevin Oliver, legalization advocates turned entrepreneurs.

After spending years advocating for marijuana law reform with NORML and collecting signatures for the initiative 502 campaign, which ultimately legalized recreational marijuana in Washington, Crystal & Kevin Oliver decided to  establish Washington's Finest Cannabis as an extension of their advocacy.  

They  received WSLCB licensure on August 6th 2014 to legally cultivate cannabis on their small farm and homestead.  Over the last few years they've focused on advocating for opportunities for small business and family farms 

Their mission is to cultivate, process, and distribute premium quality, sungrown cannabis with a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. To provide employment opportunities to minorities and members of our community who have been victims of the war on drugs, while continuing to support law reform and civil rights organizations as an industry leader in an effort to demonstrate that legalization and regulation of marijuana is more socially and economically sound than prohibition.

Crystal Oliver Marijuana
Crystal Oliver Kevin Oliver Washington's Finest Cannabis

For Adults Only; Must be 21 to Enter.