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Washington'S Finest Cannabis

Kevin Oliver 

  • Co-Founder, Chief Strategic Officer of Washington's Finest Cannabis,
  • Board Member for NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws),
  • Executive Director of Washington NORML,

Kevin Oliver is Chief Strategic Officer and co-founder of Washington's Finest Cannabis, an outdoor cannabis farm licensed by the WSLCB since August of 2014.  He also serves as the Executive Director for Washington NORML & presently sits on the National NORML Board of Directors.  He also recently co-authored the 'Idiots Guide to Growing Marijuana' and is generally regarding as a policy and cultivation expert.  Having spent over a decade in Washington State advocating for, supporting, observing and participating in the biggest social experiment of our time ‘Marijuana Legalization’ Kevin offers a unique and comprehensive perspective. 

Kevin Oliver Marijuana Speaker

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

Awards & Accolades:

2017 Washington NORML was recognized by DOPE Magazine as 'Best Cannabis Association'

2017 Kevin Oliver nominated by DOPE Magazine for 'Activist of the Year'

2016 NORML's 'Outstanding Cannabis Advocate' Award for Advancing the Cause of Marijuana Law Reform

2016 Washington NORML was recognized by DOPE Magazine as 'Best Cannabis Association'

2016 Washington's Finest Cannabis received 99% rating from Just Good Score.

2015 Washington's Finest Cannabis recognized by DOPE Magazine as 'Best Outdoor'

Published Work:

Idiot's Guide to Growing Marijuana

San Francisco Chronicle GreenState June 2017 'How to grow out your baby cannabis plants.'

San Francisco Chronicle GreenState June 2017 'How do I find good marijuana clones?'

San Francisco Chronicle GreenState May 2017 'How do you sprout your marijuana seeds?'

​​San Francisco Chronicle GreenState May  2017 'How do you buy marijuana seeds?'

San Francisco Chronicle GreenState April 2017 'How do I choose marijuana seeds?'​

Prior Speaking Engagements:

August 18th, 2018 Seattle Hempfest Hemposium   ​"48 years of NORML" Seattle, WA. 

June 20th 2018 Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders Annual Forum "Centering Equity and Sustainability in the Legal Cannabis Industry" Spokane, WA.

February 2018 AAFS (American Academy of Forensic Science) 70th Annual Scientific Meeting 'Forensic Science in the Public Eye: Diversity, Research, and Communication "A reporter, an activist and a producer walk into a bar..."' Seattle, WA.

February 2018 Seattle University School of Law 'NORML & Federal Law Reform Efforts' Seattle, WA.

August 2017 Seattle Hempfest 'Industry Standards: Is Testing Keeping Consumers Safe?' Seattle, WA.

March 2017; King County Library 'Marijuana: Everyone's Talking About It.' Seattle, WA.

February 2018; Cannacon 'Cannabis Consumers Lifestyle and Health: Growers Panel' Tacoma, WA.

June 2016; MJBA HotBox 'The Best in Marijuana Design & Packaging' Tacoma, WA.

May 2016; NORML Conference 'Post Prohibition Concerns for Cannabis Consumers' Washington DC.

August 2015; Seattle Hempfest 'Legalization & Medical Marijuana in Washington' Seattle, WA.

June 2015; MJBA Job Fair 'How to Find Work in Legal Marijuana' Spokane, WA.

May 2015; NORML Conference 'Sensible Regulatory Reform Lobbying Post-Legalization' Washington DC.

April 2015; Public Relations Global Network Meeting Keynote 'Carving a New Industry: a unique perspective' Seattle, WA.

March 2015; MJBA Job Fair 'High Paying Jobs in Legal Marijuana' Bellevue, WA.

September 2015; Spokane Marijuana Symposium 'Panel: Washington's Legal Marijuana Market' Spokane, WA.

August 2014; Seattle Hempfest "Report Card 502: How is Legalization Going?' Seattle, WA.

May 2013; US Department of State; World Affairs Council 'Administration of Justice; Roundtable discussion of WA Legalization' Seattle, WA

February 2013; US Department of State; World Affairs Council 'Political Transitions and the New U.S. Administration'

Seattle Hempfest, multiple speeches & panels since 2007 including most recently 'Current State of Cannabis Legalization'

Other Projects:

Testifying before the WSLCB, Spokane County Commissioners, Washington State Building Code Council, & WA State Legislators on behalf of cannabis business owners & consumers.

Provided consulting to investors and marijuana business start ups in Washington.

Served on the World Affairs Council in Seattle to several foreign delegations consisting primarily of dignitaries from Central & South America acting as a messenger for legalization to international guests of the US Department of State.

Provided strategic, logistical and fundraising support for Initiative 502.

Consulting Services;

  • License Application & Procurement,
  • ​Operational Plan Development,
  • Business Development,
  • Cultivation & Retail Facility Assessments & Recommendations,
  • Talent Recommendations & Assessments,
  • Local & community organizing,
  • Due Diligence Investigation of Existing Operations for Investors,

 Speaking Services;

  • Keynote speeches,
  • Forums,
  • Training,
  • Q & A Sessions,
  • Panel Discussions,
  • Interviews,

Other Services;

  • Expert Witness Testimony,
  • Fact Checking,

Kevin Oliver Marijuana Consultant

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