​For Adults Only; Must be 21 years of age or older to enter.

​Consulting Services;

  • License Application & Procurement,
  • ​Operational Plan Development,
  • Business Development,
  • Cultivation & Retail Facility Assessments & Recommendations,
  • Talent Recommendations & Assessments,
  • Local & community organizing,

 Speaking Services;

  • Keynote speeches,
  • Forums,
  • Training,
  • Q & A Sessions,
  • Panel Discussions,
  • Interviews,

Crystal Oliver; Advocate to Entrepreneur

Crystal provides operational and management advice and support to current marijuana professionals, start-ups, investors, and others. 

Working as an operations & project manager for over 14 years, Crystal was introduced to the marijuana legalization movement more than 5 years ago.  Her affinity for the plant and interest in law reform grew over the years and Crystal chose to pursue a career in the cannabis industry establishing Washington’s Finest Cannabis, a legal WSLCB licensed marijuana farm with her husband.  Crystal is a member of Women of WeedTM as well as the Cannabis Women's Alliance. She also presently sits on the executive board for the Cannabis Farmer's Council, as well as the State Building Code Councils Cannabis Technical Advisory Group and the Spokane Clean Air Agency's Marijuana Advisory Committee.

Crystal's  most recent projects and speaking events have included:

  • Presented at the Ethics and Policy Information Courses (EPIC) Conference before the Puget Sound Section of the American Planning Association on the intersection of Cannabis Farming & Land Use Regulations.
  • Participating in the Fire Code Development Process for marijuana extraction facilities in Washington State, which is informing the 2018 International Building Codes.
  • Successfully lobbied Spokane County officials for reasonable zoning of marijuana farms.
  • Spoke at MJBA Job Fair in Spokane, WA.
  • Successfully lobbied State Building Code officials for fair building codes for the industry.
  • Spoke at MJBA Producer & Processor Front Runner Seminar.
  • Spoke at Cannabis Alliance 2nd Annual Cannabis Summit.
  • Provided consulting to several investors as well as marijuana business start ups in Washington.

Crystal offers the unique perspective of a woman and mother transitioning from the corporate world to the marijuana industry.  She brings with her experience in corporate management, experience as a marijuana community organizer and advocate, along with having overseen the startup and operation of a legal marijuana farm.   

Kevin Oliver; Advocate to Entrepreneur

As a marijuana industry expert, Kevin Oliver leads and directs current marijuana professionals, start-ups, investors, and others in navigating the complex and rapidly evolving marijuana industry.

More than 10 years ago, Kevin’s appreciation for cannabis led him to the world of political activism and the marijuana legalization movement.  Kevin’s activism career has consisted of volunteering and speaking at Seattle Hempfest, National NORML conferences, attending vigils, rallies, and marches as well as organizing numerous forums, protests and other events including Spokane Hempfest through his work as Executive Director of Washington NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).  Kevin also now sits on the National Board of Directors for NORML, and serves as managing member of Washington’s Finest Cannabis, one of the first legal WSLCB licensed marijuana farms in the world and recently co-authored The Idiot's Guides to Growing Marijuana.  He was also recently awarded NORML's Outstanding Cannabis Advocate Award for Advancing the Cause of Marijuana Law Reform.

Kevin's most recent projects and speaking events have included:

  • Co-Authored The Complete Idiot's Guides To Growing Marijuana
  • Presented at the MJBA HotBox 'The Best in Marijuana Design & Packaging" event.
  • Spoke at NORML Lobby Days on Post Legalization Regulation
  • Provided strategic, logistical and fundraising support for Initiative 502.
  • Consulted with the WSLCB during initial rule making.
  • Served on the World Affairs Council in Seattle to several foreign delegations consisting primarily of dignitaries from Central & South America acting as a messenger for legalization to international guests of the U.S Department of State
  • Provided consulting to several investors as well as marijuana business start ups in Washington.
  • Delivered the keynote address at the PRGN meeting in Seattle.
  • Spoke at MJBA Job Fair in Spokane, WA.
  • Spoke several times at Seattle Hempfest, including a panel on the current state of cannabis legalization.

Having spent his activism career in Washington State advocating for, supporting, observing and participating in the biggest social experiment of our time ‘Marijuana Legalization’ Kevin has a unique and comprehensive perspective of the industry.   

In addition to producing and processing fine cannabis managing members Crystal & Kevin Oliver also offer consulting & speaking services to others entering or considering entry into the legal cannabis industry in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, & California as well as those interested in learning more about legal cannabis and or serving the legal marijuana industry.