Washington's Finest Cannabis

We cultivate our cannabis on the same property we homestead and not a day goes by that we don't feel blessed to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place and earn a living off of our land growing cannabis.

Our cannabis

Washington's Finest Cannabis
Kevin Oliver Marijuana Farmer
Crystal Oliver Marijuana Farmer
Cannabis Sunset

As longtime cannabis consumers & enthusiast we are dedicated to cultivating cannabis that is consistent, resinous, aromatic, & safe. 

We hand select each of the cultivars (aka strains) of cannabis we cultivate on our farm.  We look for cultivars that perform well in the micro-climate of our farm and offer unique terpene profiles and effects.

The end result is high quality cannabis, grown with love, passion, and a deep respect for the land.

Cannabis Farm

For Adults Only; Must be 21 to Enter.

Washington Marijuana Field
Washington's Finest Cannabis

Washington's Finest Cannabis