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Washington'S Finest Cannabis


Blue Skies and Cannabis

Terroir refers to the combination of factors including soil, climate, and sunlight that contribute to distinct flavor, effect, and expression of the cannabis plant.

Prohibition forced cultivation indoors but now that we're able to lawfully cultivate cannabis we can once again return to more natural growing methods.  

The high desert climate along with loamy sand and mineral soil of the farm allow for our cannabis to be cultivated outdoors beneath the sun in the native soils of our farm.   Growing cannabis in this way allows both the roots and canopy to grow in a more natural and less restricted fashion.  We also experience windy conditions on our farm that minimize pest and disease issues while encouraging strong stalk formation.   We’ve found cannabis plants cultivated in this way are healthy, vigorous, and produce large, resinous, and aromatic flowers.  

Washington's Finest Sungrown Cannabis